Enrollment for College will officially begin on July 24-28, 2017. Opening of Classes is on August 1, 2017.

Requirements for Enrollment (Returning Students) 
                   1.  Clearance Slip (Subject Teachers,Class Advisers, Dorm
                         Deans/DSA, GSM)
                   2.  Medical Tests
       · Drug Test
       · Chest X-Ray
       · Pregnancy Test 
                   3.  Final Evaluation of Internship with Final Grade (Incoming
Requirements for Enrollment (New Students/Transferees) 
                   1. Form 138/Transcript of Records (TOR)
2. Chest X-ray
3. Drug Test
4. 2x2 Colored Photos (4 copies)
5. Handwritten personal testimony of conversion and ministry involvement (500 words)
6. Recommendation from Pastor/Church Board/Church Elder
7. Authenticated copies of Birth and Baptismal Certificates
8. Non-refundable  Registration Fee of P375.00
9. Aptitude Exam Fee of P100.00